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Water is the driving force of all nature – Leonardo da Vinci

“The all-pervading sound of the mighty Siang gushing almost right behind the tents is a memory that is etched in my mind forever. Frothing, splashing and dancing its ways through the rocks, the Siang at times seemed pleasantly placid and at others wildly turbulent. Enigmatic yet magnificent, the sounds of the river ranged from babble to a gurgle to a rumble and sometimes even a thunderous roar!” says travel writer who was a part of the Siang Rush 2.0 Expedition conducted in April 2019.


The origins and flow of the Siang form for a fascinating story shrouded in myth and mystery. Born in the majestic region of Manasarovar near Mount Kailash, Tibet where it is called the YarIungTsangpo, the Siang flows through the Tibetan Plateau, traversing through the treacherous great Himalayan range and then gushes through a series of gorges to enter the beautiful Arunachal as the Siang.  Here it confluences with the Lohit and Dibang to form the mighty Brahmaputra which is the 15th longest river in the world. The pride of India’s easternmost state, the Siang is indeed a great way to showcase the beauty of Arunachal. The 300km path of this river within the state traverses a variety of landscapes and cultures

SIANG RUSH 3.0 - 2020

An initiative of Aborcountry Travels & Expeditions in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, Government of Arunachal Pradesh and Siang Rush was created as a platform to promote Arunachal Pradesh as a niche tourism destination. From mighty mountains to mystic valleys to lush green landscapes dotted with unique flora and fauna, Arunachal is a state quite like none other. Apart from all of this, the state boasts of an indigenous heritage and culture enriched by the distinct customs of as many as 26 tribes, which is arguably the most fascinating aspect of this land.

The objective of Siang Rush has always been to showcase the many facets of Arunachal which largely remains unexplored while advocating sustainable and responsible tourism. The latter is in fact key to the SUCCeSS of the entire exercise as the state has been identified globally as a biodiversity hotspot. Hence, it is imperative that while we encourage tourism, we also protect our fragile ecosystem.


The last two editions of Siang Rush i.e. 2018 and 201 9 have been successful in promoting various regions of the state including Itanagar, Ziro Valley, Namsai as well as offbeat places like Chuiiyu, Pamluk and Daporijo. The itinerary ensures inclusion of meaningful experiences and interaction with the locals and the tribal population. Hence activities like celebration of festivals like Mopin, Sangken and Myoko, touring of local markets and sampling of local cuisine have been added to provide visitors a slice of the state’s rich heritage. The crafts of the state like basket making and handloom weaving are an added attraction. The tour culminates in the scenic setting of Abor country River camp nestled on the banks of the spectacular Siang. The participants are treated to river rafting that is a stunning, breath-taking and adrenaline pumping experience which often leaves them asking for more. Truly a perfect end to a fascinating tour!

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